2020 Balloon Day!

Our annual Balloon Day fundraiser supports the Person-to-Person Campership Program, which enables children from low-income households in our neighboring communities to attend summer camp.  Each and every donation helps provide these kids with a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment over the summer, and allows their parents to continue working to earn the income which is critical to their family.

Local residents and businesses who make a donation to our 2020 Balloon Day to benefit the Campership Program will be recognized in gratitude with a red – or gold – balloon tied to their mailbox on May 9, 2020.

  • A red balloon for all donations of $25-$599
  • A gold balloon for all donations above $600  

Last year, OPUS broke all records when we raised more than $100,000 to fund Person-to-Person's Campership Program. This year, we look forward to beating last year’s record.

This day is generously sponsored by Compass Darien!

Total Amount
Balloon Day 2020
Please complete this form and submit your payment via PayPal before 6am on Saturday, May 9th in order to receive a balloon tied to your mailbox. Any donations made after 6am are greatly appreciated but a balloon will not be received, thank you for understanding!
If you are happy to help send a child to camp, but would like to decline the balloon being tied to your mailbox, please write, "no balloon" in the space below.