OPUS Silver Jubilee

Join us to celebrate 25 years of impact, community, and friendship!

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February 1-12, 2021


OPUS for Person-to-Person is an incredible organization that has stayed true to its original mission to raise funds and awareness for Person-to-Person (P2P).  Over its 25 years and with all volunteers, OPUS has raised over $6.5 million to help local families meet basic needs.  At the same time, it has fostered an amazing community of women committed to giving back, led to long-lasting friendships, and helped us to show our children the importance of using your time and talents to make a difference in your community.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedication of our founders, alumni, and current members and the generosity and contribution of our town.  For your support we are incredibly grateful.

In the face of this historic pandemic, the needs of our community have never been greater, and the funds we have raised have never been more important.  Your donation today helps better the lives of the more than 28,000 clients P2P assists each year.  From baby layettes to food assistance, clothing, emergency financial aid, camperships, and scholarships, P2P’s work is critical to ensuring that the basic needs of our community are met.

Please join us in donating today to celebrate 25 years of impact, community, and friendship!