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Each of our three fundraisers has its own planning committee, and there are several positions available within each. Would you consider joining one of the committees? If so, let us know which one, and we’ll reach out to you when the time comes to form the committee!
We host several events throughout the year to generate awareness of OPUS, welcome new members, involve alumnae members and raise more money for Person-to-Person and their initiatives. Would you be interested in helping us plan any of these events? If so, let us know types of events would be most appealing to you, and we’ll be in touch!
We help organize and schedule volunteer opportunities for OPUS Members with Person-to-Person and Saint Luke’s throughout the year. Would you be interested in helping in this capacity? If so, which opportunities interest you most:
We would love to know about your individual talents and special skills so we can find the perfect way for you to be involved in OPUS. Are you a graphic designer who would be interested in helping with invitations to our fundraisers? Do you have a background in finance and would be willing to help mind the books? Are you a social media expert who would like to help manage our accounts? Please let us know, and we’ll get in touch with some ideas!